Open Source Scripts


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Is it advisable to use open source scripts to come up with my site? I know it is sometimes not safe to use them for security purposes but how can I differentiate trustworthy from untrustworthy scripts?
clamAV - runs nightly looks for viruses. but its NOT foolproof so i discovered.

i notice any infected scripts seem to have one LONG encrypted string at the beginning or the end of the file.
maybe somebody needs to write a script searching for the longest line using "wc -L" and then counting the spaces in the line? seems to me if a line is 99.9% character to 0.1% space its probably a virus-line.
john - what do you think about this idea (above) ? all the virus infections i have seen all contain one long encrypted line with very few spaces in it.
open source scripts and softwares can be as good as paid scripts and softwares. many forums using open source forum scripts are doing good. Wordpress is a great CMS for website and blogs, and good thing about wordpress is it is open source and free to use.