Openvz14 (NJ) Hardware Migration 11/3 at 11 AM EST


Staff member

The interserver VPS hostnode openvz14 is being scheduled for a hardware migration on Tuesday 11/3 starting at 11 AM EST.

* IP addresses will not change

* Nothing needs to be done on your part

* Downtime is expected to be less than 30 minutes

The migration is being done because of the age of the server. The system uses a legacy raid configuration, has slower CPU's than newer vps servers, as well as run's centos 5 on the hostnode.

The migration will proceed as follows:

VM's will be halted
Data will be copied over - only changed data since the last data sync will be needed. An incremental copy is already underway.
VM's will be started on the new server and start up with the same ips.

To speed up the process the new server is already build and racked, connected with a cross over cable. This permits a data copy to be run while your VPS's are still online. The final copy will go quickly because only changed data must be re-copied.