php 7 ?

like rip van winkle, i wake up to discover a pecl package is requiring php-7.

can anybody think of a disadvantage to moving to php-7? i realize this will require a recent OS, but i am working toward an upgrade anyways.

NOTE: generally i run virtualbox and install the latest centOS, and then experiment with that one before trying any of this on my interserver account.

UPDATE: php7 has only been available a couple of weeks.


Staff member ALT php supports php7 already. This is centos with some security and features added onto it, making it a more robust hosting operating system. It works with cpanel, and centos servers could convert to it. This is good if you want a way to use php 7 on one account but keep others on a different version of php.

I haven't personally tested php7. With any php upgrade that is major in the past I have seen issues with scripts needing to be changed a bit to support php7.
ok thanks. i am finally (finally) getting ready to move to centos-7 - that is probably the best time to switch to php7.


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What exactly is new in PHP 7? I've wanted to upgrade to it since its recent release as well, but I am wondering if I can do so or if it is worth doing so. Even if PHP 7 offers something like decreased server strain, I would be willing to upgrade to take advantage of it, but since I doubt that such a change is present in 7, I wonder if I can gain from doing so.
perhaps a better question might be: what will be offered in the next couple of years that you MIGHT want to take advantage of. i am still using an older version of php (5.3.3), and lately there have been new(er) features i wanted to use but have been unable to.

the install itself was pretty easy:

rpm -Uvh ;
rpm -Uvh ;

yum --assumeyes erase php-* ; #remove any trace of earlier php

yum --assumeyes install \
php70w \
php70w-common \
php70w-opcache \
php70w-devel \
php70w-pear \
php70w-xml \
php70w-gd \
php70w-imap \
php70w-mysql \
php70w-odbc \
php70w-pgsql \
php70w-snmp \
php70w-xmlrpc \
php70w-mbstring ;

i hope to begin yet another great server migration soon, and thought it best to have the latest php on there before i even begin. some of the older features have been removed (egrep, mysqli, etc) so i hear.

suggestion - install virtualbox and run your OS there, and do the experimenting on that.

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Also you can look out on the benchmarks of different PHP 7 recently created by Cloudways. They also providing PHP 7 installed on Debian 8 along with Ngnix and Varnish.