PHP flags on attempt to install software


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Could use some guidance on the php setup. I've gone thru WHM to see if there's info on correcting some of the issues I'm having. Again, new to me. Where do i dig out the php.ini file?

  • PHP parameters:
    • GD Library is not installed
  • PHP parameters:
    • Mcrypt extension is not enabled
    • Mbstring extension is not enabled
    • PDO MySQL extension is not loaded


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You are looking for the apache builder in WHM Home >> Software >> EasyApache

When you open that up you can select GD (also select ttf) mcrypt / mbstring and PDO


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I would try give it a look from the shell, and if you do not feel comfortable with Telnet or DOS-like interfaces, you can always use WinSCP to get into your server and check that those libraries are installed or that at least there are distros and packages ready to run or compile.

By doing this, is even easier get back from WHM and find the way to solve the problem.