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hello -

recently i installed php70 using webtatic but it appears the centos community does not recommend using webtatic.

i am trying create an environment where i can run both php56 and php70 at the same time, and it was recommended in the centos7 forum to use software collections.

php56 seemed to install nicely enough (although they are missing php-imap). i also used ius to install php56, but the ius community recommended using 'software collections' instead of ius for running multiple php versions.

any opinions on doing this?

i was strongly discouraged against using my old friends configure-make-install !

for the record, i learned that the letter in the suffix is some sort of informal way of designating where it came from:

php56w = webtatic
php56u = ius

software collections takes a different approach:

rh-php56 = software collections


playing around with virtualbox-centos7, it appears that yum makes it very easy to remove one php version and install another. i have yet to try this on the live centos7 box.


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I've used webtatic in the past, with out issues.

The problem that can arise from third party repos is that there could be conflicts at some point between centos and the repo. Centos devs are not testing any third party repos on their set up.

So you may one day yum update and it fails due to a conflict.
i believe that using "software collections" is supposed to prevent nasty conflicts.

i installed php56 using it, and it put php into a different place. a quick ln -s solved that.

the only module i could not get was php_imap but i can live without that.

but either way, its probably a good idea to be VERY careful doing this. getting apache to recognize the change was not easy either. next time, i think one needs to seriously ask why they think they need php upgraded.
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