possible memory leak issue


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Its unlikely swapon / swapoff is related - you may want to change the vm.swappiness of your system if you think it is swapping too much.

However there is an issue in intel processors. KVM50 and others will reboot, unless a rebootless kernel patch will be available in the next 24 hours. Some systems have already been patched an rebooted.

Hostnodes that are centos7 are already rebooting in some cases to apply the patch. A patch is available.
Centos6 systems are pending a patch.
centos5 - as its end of life, none will be provided. All interserver hostnodes that were centos5 are already updated.
Openvz/virtuozzo - awaiting a patch
cloudlinux - a test patch is available, the ones based on 7 are fine, the ones based on 6 patch had issues and it is being retested.
In computer science, a memory leak is a type of resource leak that occurs when a computer program incorrectly manages memory allocations in a way that memory which is no longer needed is not released. A memory leak may also happen when an object is stored in memory but cannot be accessed by the running code.

Hope this information helps you.