Public Apology w/ Questions


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I'm very very sorry for the administrators and the staffs here, I think I was just frustrated maybe because I am stressed to from work and because of what are happening from the surroundings. Public apology. and I will ask something. I was reselling products from here without choosing the reseller hosting product, so that I can make them think that they will buy to me, because get big discounts from me, However, at times that I am busy, I have a friend, that I want to make him manage to the panel here, but what if he hacks it, change pass my cpanel in interserver? Can I still get it back? Like I will change pass it again. and If a client that bought a product, example : a VPS, then he forgot the password, how can I retrieve that password? Thank you in advance for your acceptance of my public apology and answering my questions. Have a nice day ahead y'all! :)

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If you are paying for the server then that billing confirmation can be used to get a vps back.

For password resets, on openvz you can reset a password in

for KVM windows you can blank a password only and reset in in vnc.

linux kvm you may be able to reset the password yourself in vnc, other wise you must contact support.


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That explanation was so convoluted, I didn't even understand it. Why don't you have a password that has at least 15 to 20 characters? If Your So-Called Friend can hack something that long, he's in the wrong business. I'm not implying anything, I'm just saying...


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This entire post confuses me so much. There doesn't seem to be much about it that is an actual apology, or meant to serve any purpose even if it is?