Questions about the Affiliate Program


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I have signed up for the affiliate program, it seems pretty exciting, I had a couple of questions:

1. I only get commission on web hosting and vps, correct? Commission is not offered for quickservers or dedicated hosting, please confirm.
2. My customer clicks on my affiliate landing page link and gets to my web hosting landing page, there is an offer of first month hosting for $0.01. However he/she doesn't order immediately and wanders off clicks the 'Learn more' or looks at other pages of interserver web site then finally clicks on 'Buy Now' on some page, do I still get the commission? And does the customer get the first month hosting for $0.01? Does it keep track that it started with my landing page that has my ID number?
3. Same question but for VPS hosting.
4. I also have an affiliate URL, this is also reached through the banners. If the customer reaches through my affiliate URL and makes a purchase of web hosting or vps do I get the commission? And does the customer get the first momth for $0.01?
5. When can the coupon be used? Does the system ask for it when placing the order?



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1) Only vps and webhosting are eligible for the affiliate program at this time.

2/3) Using cookies your sale is tracked. We also try to match ips as well to keep track of where affiliates came from (you can see your traffic in so if they come back later you still get the credit on a landing page for both webhosting and vps.

4) Your affiliate url would get the credit. However if the user does not use a coupon they do not get the vps for 1 cent.

5) Yes on order there is a space for a coupon. They don't need this from the landing page.


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Thanks John, I appreciate your prompt reply.

The IP address could change everyday on some ISPs and someone could clean out the cookies in their browser or use a different one but I guess the chances of this happening are pretty low.

Thanks again.