What are quotas? I was checking out my new VPS' backend via the Interserver admin panel and found a button under management that said, "Enable Quotas" ... Being the curious type, I pressed the button, hoping to see some parameters or some other settings. Oops! it says "Quotas Enabled" you must restart. Crap, so I restarted, then went back and pressed the "Disable Quotas". Hopefully, I un-did whatever it is I did.

Any way, what kind of quotas are these? I have a VPS with the DirectAdmin control panel.


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Quotas allow you to limit disk space in directadmin (and allow for easy tracking of disk space).

Directadmin does expect quotas to be enabled, but will work with out it.

Essentually quotas let you set, say a 10GB limit on an account. The quota system will track the space, allow for quick viewing of the disk space used, and not allow the account to exceed the limit.