rc.local didnt execute

hello -

is there a way i can look at the bootup log to see why stuff in rc.local didnt execute after the last boot?

dmesg didnt seem to show anything about rc.local.

Package KVM Linux VPS Slice (CentOS 3 Slices)
Hostname linux13372
Host Server KVM25
>> Is this centos7 yet?

i wish ! no not yet... soon.

>> Also does running rc.local manually work?

never tried it. i would be far too concerned that stuff would start up that is already started.
rc.local still is not executing after a boot. is there a way to determine why?

or better yet, is there a better alternative to rc.local on centos-6 ? i hope to be off of kvm25 soon to be on kvm50 but the migration is going slowly.