Really frustrated with Interserver support team (SPAM PROBLEM)


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I have a support ticket (PPD-115-56212) with more than 12 replies, from November 9 to now, about SPAM.
Every since I moved to Inter Server I saw it as a really promising company, everything was just perfect, the support was great, the support response time was great, the resources were great, pretty much everything was great about this company, until I started facing a spam problem that I didn't have before moving here.
Look I don't want to move to another server, but it's pretty frustrating to get around 5 to 10 spam mails from the same places everyday even after you have opened a support ticket and got messages like this one:

In order to test if the spam filter is blocking emails I have sent a test message with spam content to your email account EMAIL@EMAILXXXX and it has been rejected as the spam assassin has detected it as spam and prevent delivery.
The response was:

550 "The mail server detected your message as spam and has prevented delivery."

Final-Recipient: rfc822; EMAIL@XXXXXXX
Action: failed
Status: 5.0.0
Remote-MTA: dns; (IPHERE, the server for the domain DOMAIN.)
Diagnostic-Code: smtp; 550 "The mail server detected your message as spam and has prevented delivery."
Last-Attempt-Date: Sun, 25 Feb 2018 18:41:59 -0800 (PST)

Interserver Inc​

That was the last message they've sent to me before today, Posted on: February 25, 2018 at 09:45 PM, and today I've cleaned 98+ spam messages. Send them straight to spam and they still keep coming into my inbox. This is so frustrating that I'm thinking about opening a business complaint in one of those sites that takes care of this type of thing. I'm feeling like a clown here, I send them a message about the problem, they say they've fixed it and then there comes more SPAM again, then they tell me I have to manually use Spam Assassin. Oh come on, that's the first time I have a problem like this, why didn't I had my previous host telling me the same thing? And God, compared to Inter Server they really suck, their host was so bad that I got out of there, but I NEVER EVER HAD PROBLEMS WITH SPAM WHEN I WAS WITH THEM, and now that I'm on a web host that have more positive reviews than GoDaddy, Host Gator and other big companies out there, I get to see 3 or 4 support agents basically telling ME IT'S MY FAULT!
This is a business email, I need it to make money! I can't afford to see my inbox filling up with BS.


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I responded to your ticket with some additional information, but since then have been testing out some new tools.

As I mentioned, some of the emails could not be blocked because they come from sources like twitter or amazon. But, a lot of the ips were from OVH, Colocrossing and other hosts that I would consider their ip ranges spammier - that is not enough to completely block all their emails but certainly enough that scoring these emails in spamassassin higher is appropriate.

I have a test completed, running on one server that sets the score in these network to 3.5. If no other rules are hit, the email is not blocked. However, if others are hit, and bring it to 5 then the email is blocked. Or if your score is lowered to 4, you are more likely to have it blocked. Obviously at 3.5 the emails are completedly blocked - so you can set your score to completely block these.

The format is enough that I can add data from blacklists that normally would not be used, but would be ok to score the email higher.


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As an update I have released this now on three servers in a small roll out. One is your server.

Setting spam level to 4 will greatly reduce spam now.