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I just tried to transfer three domains, 6 hours later I still have one domain that will not appear because your system will not accept contact information. 25 emails 4 tickets later and hours of crap that should not be, Pay each transfer on PayPal - one at a time, (work around wait and pay account then get three emails) One domain with a .com postfix would not allow the Validate (Why Validate when EVERYONE else uses Authorization code) box to appear and no resolution, domain in limbo ....
Everything at Interserver has a different user interface, the support systems is the strangest animal I've witnessed in 40 years of IT work. There is not central location for simple information like name servers and pop email names


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Thanks for the feedback. Domains, were are aware of ordering issues and working on addressing them by ensuring that the errors from the registrar shows right away. Common errors are: domain is locked, address or phone doesn't meet the registrar requirements (country code is required), or even zip code errors. Currently, interserver is not a direct registrar so we use a large domain reseller system called opensrs. Currently with them the epp code can not be taken on our end, but instead an email is sent to the domain owner to approve the transfer with the epp code.

We are currently looking into: becoming a direct registrar, at least for top level domains
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