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A couple of questions, why don't the reseller packages through Interserver, Godaddy, HostGator, InMotion etc, specify how much memory or even server type? The ads only seem to specify the storage space and bandwidth.

How am I am meant to plan or cater for clients when I do not know the limitations or even specs of the server facilities i am reselling.

Am i looking too deep into this?

Second series of questions, I already have a VPS here on Interserver and I have been a very happy client for a number of years. Excellent service and I'm very happy with the technology for my VPS for our current needs. Now we are wanting to expand and offer webhosting for our clients. We don't want to burden our existing VPS hence the need for a reselling plan. But with the reselling plans on Interserver, again they dont specify RAM, server type etc. But they also seem to lack WHMCS license (which others provide) and also dont seem to provide an ECON or domain registry system. Can these be included in the Interserver plans? Likewise, the interserver plans seems to be rather low on features compared to the other players - is there a reason for this?




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The lack of server specs is mainly because you could be placed on any number of servers, and only once set up could a specific be given. Most servers now are Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E5-2620 v3 @ 2.40GHz, 132GB ram, raid10 + ssdcaching running CloudLinux 6 and litespeed. As more are set up they will be cloudlinux 7.

The reseller plans are cpanel plans, which will come with just about the same features as any other cpanel reseller host - with the addition of litespeed webserver (a faster commercial webserver), the ability to select a PHP version in cpanel, outbound spam filtering and blacklist avoidance for mail through mailchannels, and backups* (see below).

Any single account by default gets 1GB ram, 20 entry processes, 100 concurrent connections and 250,000 inodes.

Accounts using more than 10GB space, or 250,000 inodes (if more is given) are not backed up. Otherwise all accounts backup locally and to cloudstorage.

As for WHMCS - we no longer offer this because WHMCS no longer allows reselling the license.
There is no domain registration system, as we are not a domain registrar. Currently we use