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has anybody used RethinkDB or ever looked at it? i am starting to see it as just about a drop-in replacement for mariadb.

RethinkDB is the only NoSQL out there that has good "join" commands built in.

one of the things i like most about RethinkDB is that it ships with a webpage interface where you can do lots of interesting stuff, particularly testing your queries.

having looked at meteor(meatier) and deepstream recently, i am wondering if this is going to be a very good future platform on which to develop apps.


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I haven't used it or looked past mysql and mariadb. Features seem good but who is actually developing it?
RethinkDB is a group out of Mountain View, CA. at best guess, they are attempting to become the premier NoSQL data storage mechanism. i contacted them about help and they are asking $150 an hour for consulting fees, for those of us who are too slow to learn this stuff on our own.

if you have ever looked at mongoDB, you can quickly see the shortcomings. i am not an expert by any measure, but i cant really see why mongoDB became so popular. and there are plenty of mongoDB horror stories about unexplained data loss.

their forum (via slack) is actually pretty good. but i have some old mariadb queries and schema setups that i cant figure out on my own.
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