Rocky Linux

Hi -

will Rocky Linux be an option soon (when its released)?

and can we still install from an ISO?

today i had a big heart-break: closing down my beloved kvm50 account that was running centos-7. i know the interserver rules specifically prohibit us from getting too sentimentally attached to a server, but i don't think there was any down-time whatsoever in the three years i was using it. Farewell, my old friend.


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It will be possible to install from an ISO on KVM always, so no issues with rocky linux iso when it is released.

I may set up a rocklinux mirror, I am waiting for it to be live.

I have set up an almalinux mirror since that is released.

Mela Gaia

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It is impossible not having a sentimental attachment to the server . I also closed centos 7 to migrate to ubuntu . It is impossible to respect this rule . :rolleyes:
there is an experimental version of Rocky Linux available.... its passing my most demanding tests so far.

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Rocky Linux


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where did you install? i did mine on VirtualBox.

mine installed perfectly. when i went to "build" my most important app, it failed because there was no python, but i did select the "minimal" option and probably never did this before in Centos.

Mela Gaia

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I’ ve installed on vmware and for now its working fine . But i didnt spend much time because i was waiting my kid out his school tomorrow i’ ll try to run some software