running my own kvm/zen

hi all -

i was able to VERY EASILY install, magicdisk, and then download a centOS-ISO file, and install my own version of centOS in order to experiment with stuff that i would otherwise have to do on the interserver servers.

this proved to be very handy for any time-consuming, memory-consuming procedure.

any thoughts if this same simple procedure can be done using kvm/zen ? from the 10 seconds of research i put into it, kvm seems like it wants to run on "top" of an existing linux, but i am just guessing.

if this is the case, is there an underlying linux underneath kvm? is it zen? (if so i never heard of that linux)

in other words, i want to simulate the kvm/zen environment on my home computer.


when one purchases the kvm/zen option, do they get to choose between centOS, debian, or ubuntu?

Joe Huss

Staff member
To answer your first post:
KVM/Zen can run on linux yes. Through a KVM/Zen VPS hosted on a linux box you can run any linux, windows, etc..
KVM/Zen environments can be a little more difficult to setup. I would stay with using VirtualBox at home.

To answer your second post:
with KVM you can choose between CentOS, Debian, Ubuntu, Windows, and Gentoo currently (Linux versions are all 64bit and Windows in 32bit or 64bit)

KVM is not limited to those OS's but that is all we have currently prepackaged and available to choose from.