Server Down - Can't Restart - Nowhere with TS

Bill Tuttle

New Member
Our server has been down since around 3:20 this morning. I've been trying to get support to take a look. It took 40 minutes for them to tell me they sent a restart (which I told them I had done several times) and let them know if there were any further problems. Still no server so I responded telling them that. 30 minutes later still nothing. It's been almost and hour and a half with no real help. Quags are you out there? Support is usually stellar, but today I'm having problems. Thanks!

---Bill Tuttle <> Gryphon's Moon

Bill Tuttle

New Member
Almost two hours since I originally entered the ticket. Server still down. No additional responses.
Ticket HZY-705-24218

Package KVM Linux VPS Slice (CentOS 2 Slices)
Hostname linux23702
Host Server KVM4
Power Status shut


Staff member
I checked into this and an fsck on linux23702 was needed. I just completed the FSCK and it is coming online now.