suexec question


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Most apache installs have suexec on by default. To disable it you can move the suexec binary to suexec.disabled (or similar) and restart apache.
hmmm well i was sorta hoping to have a parent process resident in memory, and then be able to allow more users access to the parent process, maybe by using groups, with something like:

usermod -g ;

but i have a feeling that suexec may be too restrictive to use groups, unless you have a better idea.

here are my suexec messages:
[2013-02-19 15:05:51]: uid: (608/ gid: (595/ cmd: php5.cgi
[2013-02-19 15:05:51]: target uid/gid (608/595) mismatch with directory (543/537) or program (543/537)

id ;
uid=608( gid=537( groups=537(