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hello -

today i was running the "top" command in one window while using virtualmin to update the kernel to 3.10.0-862.2.3.el7. much to my surprise and amazement, the system updated not only without rebooting, but the "top" command continued to work.

that would be like reinstalling win-10 on a micro$oft box and web-surfing at the same time, without pausing whatsoever.

i cannot recommend kvm50 highly enough to newcomers. the price difference over using OpenVZ is minimal, and performing kernel updates so seamlessly and effortless is wonderful.

kvm50 has proven to be the most solid server i have ever seen. downtime tends to happen maybe only once a year now (ok maybe a little exaggeration)

and personally, i really like Centos-7 as well, but i save that one for another day.
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Rebootless kernel updates are a thing. You must either have kernelcare or ksplice installed which would do it.

Unless there is another tool installed using kexec you placed on in the past.