Suggestion to improve Interserver services


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Hello i am here to present my side of views & thought which can be helpful for interserver to increase it's customer service.

  1. Integration of forum with interserver panel & landing side , i was not able to find forum link even in the footer of interserver landing page.
  2. Improve your live chat support , live chat support person are not helpful enough & don't even care about the issues which customers are facing except (Adminstrator which rarely summons up and chat with us) , they always ask us to create ticket or email (* It would defeat the purpose of creating live chat support *)
  3. But I can vouch for staff team which provide support via ticket & email , they are very helpful and knowledgable.
  4. Sometime buying vps / hosting seems confusing for client with no technical knowledge , for instance if someone needs a wordpress hosting , they would still go through many options like which Os they want & platform and later on , realizing automated wordpress + optimized Nginx is not available in KVM or the OS they have opted for , so i think if interserver removes those option if wordpress hosting is selected.

Apology for my bad grammar :p

Mela Gaia

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I disagree : I think the people who are in chat help so much. They ask to create a ticket because the problem to be solved takes time but they are always very fast and they update continuously. The chat answers every hour of the day. It is not true that they don't take care of the problems: they are always very attentive and never leave the problem unresolved. They don't make you wait forever for a problem to be solved.
The administrator is one of the most competent guy I have ever met. He responds to every request after not even 5 minutes... always... never leaves you alone in your problems and relieves your headaches. He always gives you a lot of advice.
They are really great!