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After 10 years I am in search of a new host. I really like what I see here, I sure like that you have this forum, a forum like this is what attracted me to my present host. They got rid of it years ago but what has been worse is that they ended up sending support overseas.

After I made the decision to switch here I saw a rumor that you support has gone overseas as well (

Is this true? Is it first level support? or all levels?

Thank you for the help


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This is not true. I am familiar with that review and the reviewer is misinformed and did not understand how diverse the location InterServer is, which is New Jersey - and that many employees here who are US Citizens have not been born with in the United States and have names that might sound foreign. I have personally responded to the reviewer in the ticket listed and even offered a refund on the time remaining. Additionally the basic complaint was that the site was loading slow from Australia, and that just is going to be the case due to the distance. AU <-> NJ is 300+ms in speed.


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Awesome, Thank you for the quick reply, the overseas thing wasn't really about nationality, it was just that the first level folks didn't have any experience and it took a few days to get a problem up to a level where you could expect a knowledgeable answer.

I just need basic shared hosting for a family history site, I imagine I can use the live chat to work out the details.

Again Thank you!