Testing out stopforumspam

James Corthell

New Member
I'm the coder behind the UBB.Threads plugin for Stop Forum Spam; we've been working with it since April 2011 and it's a pretty good system; I'm looking forward to them having redundant servers though... We've had a lot of issues with their service when their servers are down (as in our users can't register and we cannot edit users profiles when down); I've done some work that takes care of the later issue but the aforementioned one just won't let users in till their server is back online (as it cannot preform a user check to see if the user is a spammer or not).

Their reduandancy servers aren't up yet, so these issues are all current ones, I'm hoping to see if it'll be up to snuff to handle user load soon though.


Staff member
Just upgraded to the latest version of this, and in the 4 minutes the plugin was offline the forum got a spam message to it. So, this has been extremely effective.