Thinking of moving to Interserver

I have 2 domains that run 100k+ visitors per day, in this momment they are hosted in a vps that is allways down and make me lost lots of money.

i have thinking add a hosting with you witch 10 or more slices and cpanel, try one month and if liked renovated for 1 year.
What 0.01 cent free trial means?
Now you have a promotion 1 slice =1mb ram, if upgrade later will keep that ratio?

I am not a server admin, do you help change server?
If i give you the access to old server (have cpanel) you make all the transition, and put sites up and running?
What info do i need from old hosting company?
How many time websites will be offline?
Are you a registrar company? if yes what do you need to change my domains to you?

Thanks for help, Best Regards,


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It sounds like you have cpanel already, making a migration to another cpanel server easy which we help with at no charge. Full details are at

On the current promotion of double ram, you get to keep that even if we no longer offer it on our plans.

1 cent promotion is for the first slice, on openvz only for the first month. Openvz can upgrade or downgrade.

You just need to change the nameservers of the domain, you do not need to move the domains to us in any other way.

There is up to 24 hours generally of dns propogation on a dns change.
Hello Quags, Thank you for your reply.
yes is cpanel in old server.
websites need to be offline during the dns propogation or can running in old server?
but if i want change my domains to you later to avoid any contact to old registrar/hosting it is posible?


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It could be running on the old server still during propogation, but some traffic email would go to the old server and some to the new server.

cpanel has a way to modify accounts and change domains on them with out resetting them up.