Trying to switch from Go Daddy


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Hi, so I am trying to switch from Go Daddy
I have a shared hosting plan with them and I believe that I need more RAM however their plans are quite expensive. However, I am not sure if you can migrate from a shared hosting to a VPS. I am planning to buy 1 or 2 slice of the VPS. Can you guys advice on what type of hosting I should get?
My website is
It is based on a WP theme called Pricerr (a fiverr clone) and mainly uses a lot of resources but shouldn't use a lot of bandwith nor disk space.
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Staff member loads cpanel, so this makes a migration much easier.

You can get a 2 slice VPS at with cpanel. Set up time for the vps is 20 minutes while cpanel will take around 2 hours.

A full cpanel backup can be generated on godaddy, which we can then transfer and restore on the vps.

Some things to consider:
Possible problems) Due to PHP differences the php version may need to be changed on the vps. Old php.ini / .htaccess files may need to be modified as well. If there is not sufficient disk space free, a backup in cpanel may not be possible on godaddy.

More VPS slices can be added if more resources are needed.


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Also GoDaddy faced a lot of criticism recently because a person who lost his Twitter username because of their floppy customer care and turns out their privacy laws are so easy to go about. I feel it is a good choice you are making.
Many new providers have the option to go and migrate their files for you - that is something that Hostgator offers I believe, and they offer great features for a good price. However, I haven't heard good things about GoDaddy lately and the problems they have had so I am worried about any problems you may run into or data you may lose. Make sure to get a good backup first.


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Godaddy is no longer reliable. In the past they were good, but they've trodden on the same money-hungry path like its competition, to keep up with the pace, in my opinion.


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I think they should have made the sites more usable and think of fixing the problems and listening to the customers. The laws should be changed, so no one can hack the sites and use better security for the domains they give out and have a great support system. Sometimes money can be more important and, not care about the ones who need the support and help.