using Interserver DNS vs. domain registry dns

Hello all -

When i started with, i had never seen the rather cool feature of being able to have control over my DNS settings on my server, and felt this warranted a bit of explanation for other technically-challenged newbies such as myself.

First off, always remember: "Friends dont let friends use Godaddy". No exceptions.

1) when you first log in, click Domains--->DNS_Manager


2) You may add your domains at the top "Add new DNS entry"


This method has the rather cool advantage of being able to migrate your websites and having all your domain IP numbers in one place. in other words, i am in the middle of a massive migration. but i can have all my existing websites still on the old server, but enter them here and refer to the old server.

Then go into your domain-name registry and change the DNS name to cdns1/ when you finally get the website migrated, just come back to this step and change the IP number.

Also, notice that little tiny wrench on the far right side of the domain name. Here you can go in and manipulate the other types of records, such as the MX records.


The way i had been approaching it was to have my IP number stored at the domain-name registry company. This proved to be a nightmare during migration! Also, if your domain number ever changes, you have a lot of work to do!


and notice the sadly-lacking options using, my soon-to-be-former domain name company.

Next thing to try: vanity-DNS.... ;-)


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Hi John,
What about the idea of offering?
Are there real advantages in adding their Nameservers as the DNS from Interservers viewpoint?
( I don't think you are signed up with them as far as I could see on their Site, which somehow makes the process "automatic??)

FWIW: I'm transferring 20 or so Doms away from horrible 1&1 Servers. (Nice support staff, rotten Systems).
Moving to @8.25 vs 1&1 now $15.

Cheers from Downunder!