virtualmin/webmin on

hello all (and welcome everybody to the NEW forum!!)

recently i installed the free version of virtualmin/webmin on my CentOS server. so far i am very impressed with what a free control-panel will do. from what i have seen so far, its as good as cPanel, and since its free, you cant beat the price.

if enough people are interested in it, maybe interserver will create a separate category under control-panels for virtualmin/webmin.

James Corthell

New Member
I've been exclusively running Webmin/Virtualmin/Usermin on my VPS'/Servers and have actually been recommending it to clients who are capable of a little less hand holding; it's a pretty good system that I actually prefer to CPanel/Plesk.
i just discovered that virtualmin has a command-line interface. so the pesky task of creating dozens (if not hundreds) of virtual servers just got a WHOLE lot easier. the more i use it the more i love it.