hello all -

i have been very happily using virtualmin/webmin for 9 months now, and i find it to be very well supported.

however, recently somebody suggested i take a look at engine-x, while Ryan M has been making noise about litespeed.

engine-x is not really recommended for virtualmin/webmin, and they even go far as to say:

We still recommend you use Apache, unless you have very good reasons to choose nginx. "My web app is too slow" is probably not a good reason to choose nginx, because unless memory use is your primary bottleneck, your app will probably still be too slow on nginx. The web server is almost never the primary cause of website slowness.
any thoughts on this? am i so married to virtualmin/webmin that i am missing an opportunity here?


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I have seen cases where the webserver, in combination with php or perl is the bottle neck. When looking at apache under high traffic vs say nginx or litespeed apache's memory usage overall is higher.

What nginx can do is run as a reverse proxy using caching, handing static content and using apache for dynamic content. The caching is where nginx really comes in as a benefit.

When using litespeed apache is replaced completely. It its set up, it uses fastcgi so there is no slowdown for using php under a suphp set up but you don't loose the security benefits of php running under the username.

In most cases apache is probably fine these alternative webservers are good for high traffic sites.