vps management


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VPS and dedicated servers

Servers without a control panel:

  • System reinstalls
  • All hardware issues, including parts/labor
Servers with a control panel (cPanel or Direct Admin. Plesk support not included):

  • System / Control Panel reinstalls
  • All hardware issues, including parts/labor
  • Repair of any service that is not functioning, e.g.
    • Web Server
    • Mail Server
    • DNS Server
    • SQL Server
    • FTP Server
      Tomcat and Mailman are not included
InterServer technicians will help restore the above services back to their functional condition at no additional charge.

Example of paid support:

Your web server is running, but the website is displaying a 'Forbidden', 'Not Found', 'Internal Server Error', etc.

Resolution to such a problem will be outside our support.


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I thought Internal Server Error should fall well within your support?. Actually it is the most annoying of the errors and might not be easy to fix especially by a lay webmaster. By the way, what cause the said error?