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I had "inherited" the task of running our church's website - we have around 8,000 - 12,000 visitors per month. In anticipation of more traffic I was advised to move our hosting from a shared hosting account to a VPS account.

I currently manage 4 websites all running Wordpress. Traffic for the other 3 sites are less than 2,000 a month per site. My tech skills are somewhat limited. I don't have any coding skills but I can install a Wordpress site through a PHP Panel and MySQL.

If I purchase a VPS account with CPanel would I be able to move all 4 sites to my new account and be able to install 4 different Wordpress sites?

Would you advise on getting a VPS account or should I stay with a Shared Hosting Account? I found your site through CloudFlare's Hosting Partners - would I be able to use CloudFlare on my WP sites through CPanel on VPS?



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I don't know your full budget, but a VPS will run more than simple shared hosting.

You can use cloudflare on any wordpress site, with cpanel or with out - vps or shared hosting.

Wordpress sites must be kept up to date. Where ever you go make sure
* wordpress updates automatically
* you keep any plugins reasonable up to date
* keep on top of theme updates
* Keep backups of the site on your local PC

I bring up the above because you mention you want 4 sites with wordpress. Yes you can have 4 wordpress sites on shared hosting or a VPS. But I have seen many times in the past one wordpress site is not kept up to date and the sites get hacked.

If you go with a vps with cpanel you can limit these types of hacks by:
* setting up separate cpanel accounts for each vps
* having suphp along with symlink race protection patch to isolate each wordpress install from each other
* you also can enabled backups in WHM

cPanel will run $10 / month regardless of slice amount. You don't need cpanel to just install wordpress but It allows for the three points I bring up above that you could not easily do with out cpanel.

The minumum you are looking for a cpanel vps through interserver with is $16 / mo and that comes with
* 25GB space
* 1 GB RAM
* 1 TB bandwidth / month
* cPanel/WHM

On shared hosting, for a single shared account, your wordpress installs are not isolated. You would need separate shared hosting accounts to do that.

The cost for a single shared hosting is $4.95 / month


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I have a question on the same topic, so I'll post it here rather than creating a new thread, since this thread hasn't been posted to in more than a week. I hope that's okay.

A month ago, I was trying to decide between high-level shared hosting or VPS because, although shared hosting will suffice for now, if everything goes well I may be needing something more in the future. Although the costs for the highest shared hosting plan and the second-level VPS plan was roughly the same, I went with shared hosting for now, mostly because I didn't really understand VPS.

This wasn't on InterServer because I wasn't familiar with you yet. I have several sites however, and a few different hosts so, for future reference, what costs might I anticipate beyond that of the VPS server space itself? Your costs seem reasonable but I'm not sure what there might be beyond that. I understand, from above, that there would be a cost for Cpanel. If I were to set up multiple Cpanel accounts, would the cost be increased according to the number of accounts that I chose to set up? When someone buys a VPS account, do you install Cpanel for them?

How about security? My assumption is that anyone buying a VPS account would be responsible for their own security; is that right? Is that done through Cpanel, or are customers responsible for going out and finding their own security measures, and installing them?

Apart from the cost of VPS hosting itself, if someone were to place, let's say three or four moderately busy sites on a VPS server, at least one of them being WordPress-based, what might that person expect to have to pay if they wanted to have secure sites with ease of use?

Please forgive me if I'm asking stupid questions but, although I have hosted a lot of sites for several years, I have never moved beyond shared hosting. I currently have five shared hosting plans, with five different hosts, some of them hosting multiple domains, in part because I don't want all of my sites to have the same IP address. I don't understand VPS hosting and, I would assume, that pretty much the same thing would apply to dedicated hosting.


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On a vps you are responsible for the security, but our support can help. I have started: http://forum.interserver.net/forum/threads/how-to-properly-secure-your-cpanel-vps.4801/ to help securing a cpanel/WHM system. If you run cpanel/WHM this is a check list to use. Our support can help with all this, except WHM questions which you should do yourself to remember the questions.

Most important is if you run a third party script, like wordpress, keep it up to date including plugins. Wordpress can easily update in the admin section. You should get on the mailing list of any scripts in use to get the security notices when to update.


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Keeping Wordpress updated and compatible with plugins and all that stuff is a nightmare for one, let alone 4. There's a service called icontrolwp I think. You register your blogs there for around $3.60 I think and then you can keep them updated and secure within that one dashboard.

I signed up for the trial because I thought it help my like Wordpress better but it didn't. If you like using WP, then the service will work for you. I just don't like it. Too many moving parts that never stay still.