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how many CPU Cores come with 10 slices i notice you don't have the # of CPU Cores anymore and if i buy ten slices for this deal you are having double the ram if i upgrade slices later do i get 1024mb of ram and how many user could i have login on my site its a vbulletin and joomla site with 10240mb of ram ten vps slices SSD drives too with a good config

on the quick server do you have ones with SSD drives and i don't see the option for cpanel could i buy a license from you and how much
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cPanel is $10 on a quickserver or vps.

If you budget permits quickserver is the way to go for a forum website, or any high usage mysql/database site. This is because IO/disk speed is better on a quickserver which is what you need for MySQL.

10 slices comes with 3 cores.

A specific how many can access the site is hard to give based on the amount of slices.