Vps or shared for following!!!!

Praveen Kumar U

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Iam planning to buy a vps from interserver. I have following requirements. Please tell if this is possible in vps or shared.
ms sql ,framework 4.5, mvc 4 , svn (subversion installation), host 3 sites(domains already purchased),
email accounts, subdomains ,ftp,create multiple logins.
Also please tell if any of those require additional charge.

Also can i install free alternative of cpanel? Any of these impossible without cpanel?

Which suits best for me vps or shared. Is shared secure?


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for ms sql you need windows, so a shared hosting is not possible for this set up.

On windows there is enkompass for cpanel, but it is no longer supported - but it is free. Due to that I wouldn't recommend it.

I don't know of any free panel for windows unfortunately. Plesk is currently recommended which we now offer, but plesk with mssql requires powerpack so it starts to get expensive.

You may want to consider shared hosting for your domains, as one shared hosting account can do email, sub domains and ftp as well as host 3 domains. It can not do mssql, net 4.5 however, so you would also need a windows vps.

Praveen Kumar U

New Member
Thanks. I will go for vps then. " email, sub domains and ftp as well as host 3 domains" are these available with VPS?

VPS is a complete windows server 2012 machine online right? Will there be any restrictions for above?

How much does Plesk cost?