webdav/davfs2 thoughts

hi all -

i have been successful at getting webdav/davfs2 to work on my interserver account connected to box.com, but have not done anything else with that (yet).

supposedly justCloud is going to offer webdav/davfs2 support but has not given a date.

in the meantime, for fun i installed Cyberduck, a webdav client tool. i was easily able to get it to interface with box.com, but i was also able to get it to interface with google-cloud using dav-pocket

my goal has been to have some sort of backup/archive on a different server.


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Right now we're beta testing a backup system, that allows an easy way to backup your entire account (as a tar/gzip) right through our portal. The set up will allow:

1) on demand
2) daily/weekly/monthly

This is stored on our swift file system, which as a client you would get access to. It is amazon s3 and cloudfiles compatible with an APi to access it, and I know cyberduck will actually work with this.

The backup system will only support KVM at first, since our KVM uses lvm which allows for something called snapshots for easy backing up.

Our frontend at release will have FTP support as well.

Joe Huss

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I like Cyberduck its a pretty nice program. It also supports our new backup servers.
oddly, i was not able to get BitKinex working with box.com.... not that it matters but i was stumped. i just assumed that any WEBdav client could work with any WEBdav server, and was as universal as ftp was.

i found BitKinex before i discovered that cyberduck is easier to use.

i also played a bit with cadaver on my server, the command-line webdav interface. it might have a few possibilities as well.