What is in a Windows VPS?


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I am considering opening a Windows VPS. My requirements are that
1) I have access to remote desktop
2) I have access to IIS (of course to Windows Server)
3) I have access to Perl

The questions are:
1) is your windows VPS preconfigured with the above.
2) if not, what is missing and how I can go about installing it?
3) how do I go about uploading my data to the site? ( I am currently using a VPS that has about 25 Gb of data)
4) can the same ip be used for several URLs (I am currently doing 2 for the same ip) and if there is a cost what is it?

Thanks for your help.


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Remote desktop and VNC is included.

IIS is possible but not preinstalled, it can be installed in the server manager.
Perl is not installed, this is something that could be installed manually (check the perl website). I don't think it is available in the server manager.

You can upload data through remote desktop that is on your PC, otherwise I'd recommend downloading an FTP or SCP program in remote desktop and downloading the data (assuming the remote side has ftp or ssh)

As far as I am aware IIS does name based hosting (sharing ips) with out issues. VPS comes with 1 static IP.