When do you have servers in Hong Kong?


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I'm live in Vietnam. I know quality of you is very good, but I stay very far your server location, so I'm connect to your server is very slow. I hope the next time you have server location in Hong Kong.
Please. You can let me know when you have a server in Hong Kong?
Thank you very much!


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I don't expect HK for a long time. Email sales to get an LA VPS before it is fully in stock on the website however.
Even with the servers all the way in LA it shouldn't take that long - its like someone trying to connect from india to google mexico - or a blogspot website hosted in Mountain View, it isn't that slow.


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If the server response time is slow, yet other people have no issue with server response time, then it means that the issue is not the server, but rather is your internet connection. If any one point in the transfer of data between the server and you is slow, then your response time will be slow.