Why are you ignoring a clear abuse case?


New Member
Hello, i have reported recently an abuse case and you are doing nothing: [#SJT-391-34988]

I would love to hear your explanation why this is no abuse case?

What i have submitted:
You host a malicious domain (houseneighbor.host) on your IP

Evidence done with various malware/phishing scan engines:





Hope that evidence is enough to start an investigation.


Staff member
As of my response this ticket is under 24 hours old, so to be completely fair the issue has recently been reported, is still opened and being processed.

All tickets are manually reviewed for abuse. The information is forwarded downstream, not all servers are directly under interserver's control.

Valid abuse complaints, if there is no response with in 48 hours from the downstream user, generally result in a null route, site suspension or other further action. So there can be a lag time for an abuse complaint to the down stream user.

Overall: the complaint is forwarded. It does appear valid, and I expect to be resolved soon.