Why Java is still on top of all Programming Languages in 2020


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As per JetBrains’ one report, Java is the most popular and primary language even in 2020 for the Java-based application development. Not only that but as per Stack Overflow Survey, Java is the 5th most popular technology, and 17th most loved language developers use. All this says, that Java is still on the top of all other programming languages in 2020.

Platforms like Facebook, Amazon, LinkedIn, eBay, and others have one thing in common i.e. Java. They are all built using the Java programming language. Not only that, but Java sits at the base of Android. This makes Java one of the few programming languages that are still functional even after 20+ years of the run. It still boasts of the flexibility of “Write Once, Run Anywhere” same as before.

Java has subsequently marked its usability for all and left its print on Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, & Big Data. Java was produced by the James Gosling of Sun Microsystem to function better and more simply than C/C++. And due to its consistency, update & testing capabilities make Java the most popular programming language. Read more here to find out unknown facts and other reasons that make Java a leader.


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