Windows 10 VPS?


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Hi all,

We have a requirement to run a box that we can remotely access that HAS to run Windows 10. This box will have the Lockheed Martin Flight Sim on it and will be used to run our remote training programs that use this particular flight sim.

A couple of questions - can we get a VPS with Win 10 on it? If so, can it be configured to have at least Directx11 on it?

I know we can do this locally, but we do not have the incoming bandwidth to run this box with remote students and such good bandwidth for us is expensive.

So can this be done here?




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Windows 10 can not be done right now - our licensing does not cover that version. It is something I can look for once our HyperV for windows comes (hopefully this month) and see if licensing can be added.


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I was a great defender of windows 10 when I upgrade, but lately it has been giving me problems. It lags and take sometime to kick start again. If it is so unstable on a personal computer I can't imagine what it will be like accessing it remotely. If you were able to install it on a vps I would like to know how it's running.