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Discussion in 'General Support' started by Morgan, Jun 5, 2017.

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  1. Morgan

    Morgan Member


    I need to do two things,

    create a new website within my domain britbike.com om my OpenVZ VPS account.
    It will be in a certain folder as a test and once I figure out how it works
    I will purchase a new domain and use it within my VPS account for my daughter.
    It will be her website to use.

    So first thing first how do I instal a wordpress website withing my VPS account.
    Any hints and tips are highly appreciated.
  2. Quags

    Quags Administrator Staff Member

    First create a separate cpanel username for this. Follow https://www.interserver.net/tips/kb/how-to-create-cpanel-accounts-from-whm/

    The reason is to isolate the new wordpress install from any other domains and scripts like your forum.

    By going this route you can also change the domain name in the future by using WHM -> modify an account. You just need to update wordpress's wp-config.php file with the new domain following https://www.interserver.net/tips/kb...the-wordpress-site-url-editing-wp-config-php/
  3. Morgan

    Morgan Member

    So you don't suggest that I first creates a folder like britbike.com/wordpress and use that as ground?
    You mean I should purchase a new domain like mydomain.com and create a new account in WHM with that domain name.
    I could do that but needs to wait until daughter has chosen a domainname for her site which she has not yet done.
    In the mean time i would like to try the britbike.com/wordpress folder as base for the wordpress site.
    As you already figured out I have a knowledge gap to fill here.

    I have also thought of getting a wordpress hosting site with you for her as I think you would take care of all wordpress upgrades but am not sure yet how it works.
  4. Quags

    Quags Administrator Staff Member

    Instead of britbike.com/wordpress

    create a new cpanel account. Call it wp.britbike.com - make it an account in WHM with its own username. This way you use the domain and its isolated from britbike.com
  5. Morgan

    Morgan Member

    Hey thanks, I might do it this way instead if I read it correctly.
    a couple years ago i purchased the domain. "brit.bike" but didn't keep it as it was much more expensive to keep it active and i did not use it so I stopped paying for the domain and it was suspended by web.com

    I do still have the brit.bike or "brit" account here so I could perhaps rename it to wp.britbike.com or something else similar.
    Or do you think it's best to delete the entire brit account and create a new wp.britbike.com?
  6. Morgan

    Morgan Member

    John forget above, I just purchased the domain "mlypix.com" here at interserver and within my VPS account so I'll be using that.
    When I get home tonight I will check out or create an account for that domain.
  7. Morgan

    Morgan Member

    mlypix.com is active, do I need to manually install wordpress or can I do it in cp?
  8. Quags

    Quags Administrator Staff Member

    It can be done in cpanel.

    In WHM-> look for cpaddons. Enable wordpress.

    Then in cpanel you can install it in the site software section.
  9. Morgan

    Morgan Member

    I checked
    and I found that wordpress 4.7.3 was marked installed but not 4.7.5 so I installed that and Coppermine Gallery
    I had previous searched for wordpress in the mlypix account and found 4.7.3 so I autoinstalled that in the /public_html folder and I noticed that it did not update any further.

    What can I do now after installing 4.7.5 in WHM? how can I upgrade from 4.73

    shall I UNINSTALL 4.7.3 in software and then Install 4.7.5 ?
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