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Anyone have a suggestion for a good backup/restore plugin for WordPress? I had one on my sites (that I installed years ago) and hadn't really thought much about it. I tried to re-create a site the other day and my backup didn't have all the info I needed to completely recreate it. Needless to say, I'm not very happy.

Any suggestions for backup/restore?


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If you want to clone your Wordpress site try Duplicator Wordpress plugin, or WP Clone.

I have used backwpup to backup my Wordpress installations, I can retrieve the site from backups quite easily as well.

Remember to test your backups from time to time. Any system, however efficient and effective, is prone to failures (e.g. you have changed password of Dropbox, and now your backup is not being uploaded to your Dropbox account due to login failures).

All of these tools mentioned here are free.


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On new accounts interserver's support department can help migrate your wordpress install over.

There are some limitations, a very old wordpress may have issues as it moves to the latest wordpress install. Also, the ability to access mysql is needed to perform a mysql dump.