yum and gcc

hello - as much as i totally appreciate the ease of using yum, my gcc 4.4.7 is now three years old.

any opinions why yum uses such an old gcc? i am trying to install io.js except it requires a newer gcc. i wanted to get a couple opinions before i try going the tarball route.

thank you.

UPDATE: i found this script, and it looks like its going to work fine.
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RHEL/centos software is generally older. That is because the software once in the release cycle does not get a version update - only back ports. So centos6, which was released in 2014 and has updates until November 30th, 2020 - GCC version will not change in that time. The main reason is to keep the software stable and not have unexpected changes that could come with new versions. Bug fixes / enhancements are still provided as back ports.

version 7 is using gcc-4.8.2
ok next question - should i be asking to upgrade my service from centOS 6.6 to seven ?
What are the pros of upgrading to seven? I don't see them actually. CentOS is quite strong builded and as for now I don't see any necessity about upgrading it apart from maybe getting quicker support form the team but that's a side note.
pros: you can run the latest-n-greatest php & gcc. there are a number of new(er) php options that are not available on the older centOS.

it gets really frustrating when you are trying to install (or upgrade) something only to find out your OS is too old.