DDoS Protection

  • Up to 20Gb/s Protection
  • Available for VPS or Dedicated Servers
  • Passive Filtering
  • 15 Minute activation
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Protection Benifits

20Gb/s DDOS Protection.
Included for FREE

Dedicated Servers are protected with our DDOS protection service for attacks up to 20Gb/s. In the event of a DDOS attack, InterServer will identify the source and destination of the attack and apply appropiate filters. For VPS customers or larger attack sizes please contact our sales department.


Stay Online

Keep your websites and web applications online during a DDOS attack.

Currently under attack? Please contact us ASAP for solutions.


20-100Gb/s Protection

On-demand protection can handle almost any size attack. UDP floods, ICMP (ping) floods, SYN floods, NTP Amplification, HTTP Floods, and more. The scrubbing service will automatically detect and block the bad traffic.

Protection Benefits

Prevent service disruptions.

Passive defense when not under attack. No slow down in speeds.

Keep your business running even when under attack.

The size of the attack will not increase your bandwidth utilization.