404 Error Page When Logging Into WordPress Admin Page

When you get 404 error page while accessing wp-admin page, you may need to update your site url in the database. Follow the below steps to change your site url from cPanel.


1) Login to your cPanel interface.

2) Click on the icon ‘phpMyAdmin’ from ‘Databases’ section.

404 error


3) Select your WordPress database from the phpMyAdmin panel.

404 error


4) Go to the table ‘wp_options’ and click on the ‘Browse’ option.

404 error


5) Find the option ‘siteurl’ and click on the ‘Edit’ field.

404 error



6) Change the URL in the input box of ‘option_value’.

404 error


7) Click on the ‘GO’ button.

404 error


Then try to access WordPress wp-admin page.


If you need any further assistance please contact our support department.



6 Responses to “404 Error Page When Logging Into WordPress Admin Page”

  1. Johan says:

    is not work on me? my admin page can’t access, help me please

  2. rosida says:

    not working

  3. KatweKibs says:

    What do you change the url to? you steps are somewhat ambigious

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