The 5 Best Table Plugins for WordPress

By on July 30th, 2021

There are so many elements available on the internet which provide different types of data management. Like Graphical information provided by Charts and Graphs, these graphs and charts help your visitor quickly understand the data analysis. Now, imagine you have an E-commerce store online, and you’re selling electronic products like Televisions, Ovens, Fridges, Air conditions, and Smartphones. We already know that many brands are available for these products and that many brands can manufacture a single electronic item. For example, A fridge is a standard electronic item, and if you’re thinking about buying a new fridge for your office, you will have many brand options.

In this case, the customer will be confused between brands. If you can compare similar items but different brands, it will be more helpful to the visitors. It will help them to choose the correct item for their needs. In short, the tables and other numeric information are essential for the website. So, in this article, we will talk about some awesome table plugins for WordPress. These plugins will help you to add tables with some unique styles and designs. So it will provide an easy-to-read list of your site-related information with multiple columns and rows.

There are many plugins available that can display different types of tables, like a comparison table, Sell information table, pricing tables, etc. So, here in this article, we will talk about some of the best plugins selected and have handy tables. These plugins can also create beautiful and attractive tables, these tables can display more data in common space, and it also helps to engage the user in the website. So before we dive in, let’s see some basic information about Table plugins. But before we discuss other related plugins, we have to understand that provides built-in table creation functionality. You can find the new Gutenberg Block Editor, which has responsive tables built-in. But it’s too simple, and it only allows you to add more columns and rows per our requirements.

Facts about the ideal WordPress table plugin?

You’ll find many plugins in the WordPress library which provide the functionality to add different types of tables. But it cannot be evident for beginners to select the best table plugins for the WordPress website or blog. Just because they have many choices available in the market and it feels overwhelming. 

So now, the best way to select the best plugin is a proper evaluation of the WordPress plugin needs. Then we need to compare the plugin’s features with your requirements. The compared table plugins have features like drag and drop builders, sorting, pagination, responsive designs, filters, styling options, media support, and other import/export tools.

So, we make it easy to choose the best plugin for your WordPress site. Here is the list of some best table plugins. We choose them according to the features they provide. You will also find the feature list as well as all the information about the plugin in brief. 

  1. Table Press
  2. Ninja Tables
  3. WPData Tables
  4. League Tables
  5. Visualizer Table and Charts

We will learn about all these plugins in detail to get the perfect overview of what is available. You will see many plugins with many different features for different types of requirements. So, let’s get started with the best wordpress table plugin according to us.

1. Table Press

TablePress | Tables in WordPress made easy!

Table Press plugin is one of the most popular and free WordPress plugins. You can even know about this plugin’s popularity by reading the reviews of this plugin. It allows us to create beautiful and straightforward tables in just a few clicks. It provides a spreadsheet-like interface in the backend, and it also helps you add data without writing a single line of code. It’s easy to install and use because it has a user- interface and offers the most specific configurations. It’s a beginner-friendly plugin that allows beginners to create backend tables. Just after you set up a table, the plugin will generate a shortcode of the table. With the help of that shortcode, you can display the table anywhere on display.

You can add these tables to your pages, posts, and widget areas of the website. Users will do all the data management options like data insertion and editing from the spreadsheet available on the WordPress dashboard. These tables also support filters, sorting, and paginations. Also, it will matter which type of data you insert on the table, and it almost helps everything. The plugin can also import/export the tables from Excel, CSV, HTML, and JSON files. The key feature of this plugin is, it’s a free plugin with a bundle of features. Let’s discuss all the premium features of this free plugin one by one.


  • The TablePress plugin is a free plugin that includes the core plugin with all the extensions. The TablePress plugin is one of the best plugins available on the internet because it has the most extended features list and is also available for free.
  • This plugin also includes many extensions, which are just simple code snippets to expand the feature list of the TablePress plugin. Some of the features like table row order options and row filtering options.
  • As we discussed, this plugin has a user-friendly interface. The process of installation and implementation will be too easy for beginners too. Users will create all the tables from the WordPress dashboard, and you can also add more rows and columns from here. The data insertion will also be done from the dashboard.
  • You can display the tables on the website by using the shortcodes generated by this plugin. Add these tables anywhere on the website, like posts, pages, and widget area.
  • You can also import and export the table data with CSV and Excel files. It’s a great feature when you have large data tables.

2. Ninja Tables

Ninja Tables – Best WP DataTables Plugin for WordPress

Ninja Table is a premium WordPress Table plugin, the most powerful plugin without the high cost. This plugin provides a drag and drop table builder, which means with the help of this plugin, you can quickly create and add tables on the website. This builder also supports us in editing the tables quickly by rearranging rows and columns. Ninja Table’s free plugin is also available in the WordPress library, which has some limited features. But the accessible version of this plugin also has many features. This plugin also supports media files, meaning we can add images and other media files as data in our tables.

Let’s look at the feature list of the core plugin; first of all, this plugin has different color options for rows and columns. It means we can change the appearance of the table according to our website design. We can also add custom designs to make the table more attractive. It provides fully responsive tables which look great on any device or screen sizes. More than that, this plugin is SEO-friendly and allows us to generate tables using single line cells and fixed layouts. It also allows creating bordered tables, striped rows, and more compact tables, which can embed it between any articles and pages.

Some features are only enabled with the premium version, like unlimited tables and customization tools. So, there’s a limit to the creative table in the free version. Let’s discuss all the feature lists of this plugin one by one in brief.

Feature list

  • The Ninja Tables has both Free and Premium versions. The free version is already featured-pack, so you don’t have to buy the premium version if you’re worried about the features. But the premium version also has some advanced features.
  • The Ninja Tables allows enough customizations to create a simple and attractive table that will stand out. This plugin will also allow you to choose the colors of columns and rows.
  • Ninja table plugin also provides an option to connect or link Google Sheets.
  • We can easily display the data tables by pasting the shortcode in the required place.
  • Ninja Tables plugin also provides a drag and drop builder, and it will help you create tables most quickly. Don’t worry about the codes. It will not be required to create tables, but you can use it to design your tables.
  • This plugin also provides media file uploads, and now we can upload images and other media files like videos. 
  • This plugin also allows you to export and import the day via CSV files. You can insert all of your data in just some moments.
  • There’s direct WooCommerce integration, which means now you can integrate this plugin with WooCommerce and display a list of products to compare them online.

3. wpDataTables

wpDataTables - The Best Tables & Charts WordPress Table Plugin

The wpDataTables is a lite version of the primary core solution, a free and most popular plugin. Its key feature is, it allows you to upload Excel, CSV, JSON, and XML files to create tables in WordPress quickly. This plugin is usually used by those who occasionally develop data tables and don’t even need extra features. As you know, we can add the tables using Excel, CSV, JSON, and XML, but we also can create our columns and rows by scratch. So the lite plugin is so helpful for those who only generate the tables for their blog and posts. Also, this plugin allows you to add up to 150 rows to the table.

Many people frequently ask which plugin is better, a lite or a premium plugin. Here is the answer. Here is a list of limitations of the Lite plugin.

  • We can not receive server-side processing.
  • We can’t create tables manually.
  • The lite plan limits all the tables to 150 rows.
  • We can not import using Google Spreadsheets.
  • It does not have support for the premium version.
  • We cannot make MYSQL-query-based tables.
  • We can’t edit like you would in Excel or on the front end of your website.

There are so many organizations that already have a benefit from the free plugin. But in case you’re willing to buy the premium version, first, you should take a test of the free version. It will give you an idea about the interface. There are so many advanced features available in the premium version. Some of them are my personal favorites, like allowing multiple database support, Responsive tables, support for lots of data, editable tables, advanced features, and charts or graphs. So, let’s discuss the complete feature list of this plugin called wpDataTables.


  • This plugin has essential add-ons like report builder tools that generate Excel and Word files inside WordPress. 
  • This plugin will be great for small tables.
  • You can display every table created by you on the website by using shortcodes.
  • We can create huge Data tables using paid versions.
  • The paid version plugin has responsively designed tables that will look beautiful and fabulous on every device.
  • Even though you can add charts and highlight them, this feature is available with the free version. It will help you to create more visuals that look attractive to the users.
  • The tables will look exactly as it looks in the backend.
  • This plugin is available for free which has many features, but you can go with the paid version too,


The complete or premium version of this plugin sells for $55 on CodeCanyon.

4. League Tables

League Table - The highly customizable table plugin for WordPress

The League Table is another powerful and premium WordPress website. It has full options for the tables. It provides 105 Options per table, 17 options per cell, and 13 general options for intense. In short, it has the maximum courage of customizations. Well, it’s not available as a free version, but the premium version price is reasonably low if we look for the features. With the premium plan, you will get six months of customer support and pay for the entire year. This plugin includes more than 130 customization options as well as sortable columns, colors, and filtering. It also has an advanced multi-column sorting system that we can use to build any tables. 

All of the data can be imported or exported easily. It also provides an embeddable spreadsheet editor, which helps you to manage your tables. One of the essential features is its Simplest and Fastest interface, and we can directly copy or import the external spreadsheet or document. Then, it also allows you to customize colors, text, and sizes of cells. So like every other plugin, this plugin also has a feature list. Let’s discuss each one by one.

Feature List

  • This plugin is only available as a premium plugin, It comes with a $23 price, and it’s the best price for this plugin. 
  • The League plugin provides multisite support, which means you can display your tables on many websites.
  • This plugin is multilingual by default. All we want is a translation file that is available for free.
  • The import and export features will save our tables in XML files. With the help of this feature, you will create the flexibility of moving files to other websites and programs.
  • All the tables have mathematical formula support built-in. It also has support for inserting HTML and JavaScript codes in the cell.
  • It provides responsive interfaces and tables, which create a great-looking mechanism. The responsive feature will give you the freedom to show important columns and rows based on the device.
  • One of the key features is, it contains the highest number of customization tools support on its list.


The League Tables plugin is only available as the paid version, and it’s the price is $23.

5. Visualizer Table and Charts

Visualizer Tables and Charts for WordPress

The Visualizer Table and Charts plugin come with both free and premium plugins. It provides Colorful, animated charts and diagrams. Also, we can use this plugin to display basic tables. In short, we get multiple plugin capabilities in a single plugin. The free version allows you to create and manage interactive tables and charts on your website. The free version has not that many features, but still, some organizations find this plugin too useful. We can use the charts and tables on pages, posts, or widget areas. But the premium plugin comes with a large number of features.

If you think of buying the premium version, it will allow you to unlock many essential features. For instance, You can import the data from the outside of the WordPress source. We can work with live editors and create private charts and tables for internal corporate use. This plugin currently provides nine types of charts with the free plugin. You can add three more charts with the premium plan. It allows you to use the plugin on the entire site, and we can design beautiful charts and attractive tables with filters. It is also capable of adding search bars and color customizations. You will have many types of charts like Line charts, Pie charts, Column charts, Area charts, Combo charts, Timeline Charts and Scatter Charts. Let’s discuss the feature list of this plugin one by one.

Feature List

  • The Visualizer Table and Charts plugin available with both paid and free versions. The free version is excellent for all the testing. The paid version will give you more functionalities than you think.
  • This plugin will allow you to build tables and enable you to choose from various charts.
  • There are many charts and tables available to provide as a start design.
  • All the charts and tables are rendered in the WordPress dashboard, and Then we can use the shortcodes to display them on the post, widget area, or anywhere on the website.
  • All the basic tables support drop-down menus, headers and it also can pull the data from outside of the source.
  • We can also create private tables and charts that only selected people will see.
  • One of the most remarkable features of this plugin is to edit the charts from the frontend of the WordPress website.
  • And, this plugin also has a live editor, which will help you show the live preview of the edited content.


This plugin is available as both free and paid plugins, and the paid version starts at $59. With this price, you will unlock many more design templates of the tables and charts.

Conclusion: These are the best table plugins for a WordPress site. All of them has their own set of features that work for different types of requirements. If you are just getting started with your endeavour, we recommend you to get started with open-source plugins because they are free to use with all the features and works perfectly in majority of the cases. If you are experienced webmaster and know what you exactly need, You can go with the paid plugins.

We hope this tutorial was helpful for you in understanding the features and importance of the best table plugins for WordPress. However, If you have any questions or need help, Feel free to comment down your question. We will respond as soon as possible with the answer.

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