How to access Breadbasket and begin the initial setup

Breadbasket is a Single User Control Panel which helps users deploy Web Apps or System Apps. You can easily manage the servers and websites via the Breadbasket panel. The Breadbasket panel can be installed on Linux machines easily. After the installation, we need to set up the Panel and then we can easily manage server wide changes via panel and also we can manage our websites easily. Through Breadbasket, you can deploy around 426 scripts such as WordPress, Joomla, Magento, etc.

After the installation, we need to setup the Breadbasket panel. In this tutorial, I will show you how we can perform Initial setup of Breadbasket and how we can login to the Panel.

Let’s discuss the Initial Setup of Breadbasket Panel:

To setup Breadbasket panel, go to URL : http://IP-ADDR:2004/



You need to enter the Username, Email address and Password for the End-user Panel login.

Primary Domain: In this field, you need to enter a valid Domain name, for example:

Nameserver1/2: In this field, you need to add the nameservers as ns1.domain and ns2.domain, for example, and

License Key: You can enter the license key if you have one, otherwise this will consider as a free licensed panel.

And click on Install to configure the Breadbasket, it may take a few minutes to complete. After completing the set up you will prompt an Installation successful page with the details of End User Panel.



After everything went successfully now you can access your Admin Panel and End-user Panel by visiting the following URLs:





To login to Breadbasket End-user Panel, visit following URL:

http://IP-ADDR:2002/ or https://IP-ADDR:2003

The Username and Password will be same as you mentioned during the Initial Setup.




If you need any further help please contact our support department.



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