Add and Manage Nameservers with InterServer

After uploading the website contents or when the migration of your website is finished, you need to update the new nameservers at the domain registrar end. Your domain will be pointed to our servers when the nameserver change takes effect. It may take up to 24 hours to finish the propagation of any DNS change.

So what would be the nameservers you need to set for your domains. In this guide, the nameservers needed to set for different services are discussed.


Shared Hosting

The shared hosting comprises three services, The STANDARD WEB HOSTING, ASP.NET WEB HOSTING and MANAGED WORDPRESS. You can see them on the WEB HOSTING page on our website. For this products, the nameservers need to be set are displayed on the product page itself.

To view the nameservers, you need to login to the portal at and go to Web Hosting. On the next page, you can see the list of your web hosting services. To view the web hosting service, you need to click on the “Gear Icon” at the right end of each service. The next page will be the product page of the selected service. In the page, you can see a title Default DNS Servers. The nameservers of the service will be displayed there. You need to update those nameservers at the domain registrar end.

Please refer the below screen shot for better awareness.


Add nameservers


Reseller Hosting

For reseller hosting, the reseller can use their own nameservers. Private nameservers are available at $5/Mo. If a reseller wants to use our nameservers, it will be shown same as above. More details about our reseller hosting plans are available at:


VPS & Cloud Hosting

In the VPS & Cloud Hosting, you can use our cdns nameservers. The cdns nameservers are listed below.

Primary DNS  

Secondary DNS

Tertiary DNS  

When using these nameservers, you need to add the hostname and IP address on the DNS manager from your portal. It is described below. Screenshots are attached for reference.

Login to the portal at and go to “Domains” tab. Then, click on DNS Manager.


Add nameservers


Add nameservers


In DNS Manager, you can see two fields “Domain name” and “IP Address” You need to add the domain name and IP address of the server there. This will create a cPanel/DirectAdmin compatible DNS record. A screenshot is added below.

Add nameservers


This is how you can set the nameservers. The cdns nameservers can be used for all services, including shared hostings. You need to add an entry in DNS Manager if you use cdns nameservers.


If you need any further assistance please contact our support department.