Add Tax Classes in AbanteCart

Posted on July 21st, 2016

As your eCommerce store will grow, you will start expanding it to other regions of the world. But, with this expand, you also have to add and manage different tax classes to collect different tax from customers depending on their location. Every eCommerce store management system should have an option to manage different tax classes for different regions and different conditions.

AbanteCart is a feature-rich eCommerce store management system that allows you to manage tax classes out of the box. It means that you do not have to install extensions in AbanteCart to manage tax classes. All you need is the admin access to the store so that you can add, update or delete a tax class. In this tutorial, I am going to show you how to manage tax classes in AbanteCart.

First of all, let us see how to add a tax class.

Add Tax classes in AbanteCart

It is a very simple process. Log in to the admin panel of your AbanteCart store and click on the System option given in the left sidebar of the admin panel. To make this process easier to understand, I have attached screenshots with each and every step of the process.

Tax class

Clicking on the system option will open a new drop-down menu that will contain a few more options. Find and click on the Localization option to see a sub-drop-down menu. From that sub-menu, find and click on the Tax Classes option to navigate to the manager. See the following screenshot for reference.

Tax class

Here you will see a list of tax classes available in your store. Click on the “+” button given at the top-left corner of the table to add a new tax class.

Tax class

This is a two-step process, In the first step, you have to enter the name and the description of the tax class. Enter the required information and click on the Save button given at the bottom of the form.

Tax class

In the second step, Enter all the information related to tax, region, conditions and much more. After entering all the required information, click on the Save button given at the bottom of the form to finally create a complete tax class in AbanteCart.

Tax class

So, this is how we can add new tax classes in AbanteCart. It is a very handy feature that allows you to expand easily in the world. You can create different tax classes for different locations with specific conditions, all you need is some information about tax collection based on the region you want to cover.

To Update or delete a tax class, you can navigate to the tax classes manager. In the tax classes manager, you can click on the Update or delete icon corresponding to the tax class you want to update or delete.

So, this is how we can manage Tax classes in AbanteCart. Please let us know in the comment section if you have any questions regarding this tutorial or tax classes in AbanteCart. We will get back to you with help as soon as possible.

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