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By on September 4th, 2018

cPanel & WHM servers always require a paid license from cPanel, Inc. in order to function their services. For this, we must purchase a cPanel license for each cPanel & WHM server that you wish to run. You may install cPanel & WHM without a license. However, it will not function until you obtain a license. It is just a Free 15-day trial license. cPanel solo license is something other than this.

cPanel Solo license is a single user server license designed to be used on either a fully dedicated server or within an environment running virtualization software. With a cPanel Solo license, WHM users can manage a single cPanel account from the WHM interface. However, the cPanel Solo license limits the functionality that you would receive with a standard license. cPanel Solo license is implemented for those who only need one user to manage their hosting account. It can be used for a dedicated server as well as for a virtualized environment because cPanel solo license has the exact same features of these server licenses.


Price Details

The official pricing for the monthly plan of cPanel Solo is $15.


Difference between cPanel Solo and the standard editions

The sole distinction between cPanel and cPanel Solo is within the variety of obtainable logins. Another difference that the cPanel Solo license limits the number of accounts to one which we have already discussed earlier, but you can create unlimited cPanel accounts by using the Dedicated and VPS licenses.

There are many situations where people only need a single website and needs a control panel to manage it.  cPanel Solo is suited for these cases. But here reseller-specific features and multi-account functions etc. are not included. And the cPanel Solo license requires cPanel & WHM version 66.0.25 or later.


Removed Interfaces

Servers that use a cPanel Solo license will not display the following interfaces.

1) Security Center

In Security Center section, the interface named Compile Access is removed from the cPanel solo license which allows you to disable your users’ access to the C and C++ compilers on your server.

2) Resellers

In Resellers section, the interfaces Modify an Account (formerly Change Ownership of an Account), Change Ownership of Multiple Accounts, Email All Resellers, Manage Reseller’s IP Delegation, Manage Reseller’s Shared IP, Reset Resellers, View Reseller Usage and Manage Account Status are removed from the cPanel solo license which allows you to manage the reseller account. Since this license is using a single cPanel account.

3) Account Information

In the Account Information section, the List Suspended Accounts interface has been removed. This feature lists the server’s suspended accounts and allows you to unsuspend or terminate an account.

4) Account Functions

In the Account Functions section, the interfaces Email All Users, Manage Account Suspension, Show Active and Inactive Accounts has been removed.

5) Multiaccount Functions

In Multiaccount Functions, the interfaces change Multiple Sites’ IP Addresses, Modify/Upgrade Multiple Accounts are removed.

6) Transfers

In transfers section, the interface Convert Addon Domain to Account has removed which allows you to convert an existing addon domain into a cPanel account.

7) System Health

In System Health section, Background Process Killer interface has removed from the cPanel solo license which allows you to select processes that the system will terminate when the upcp script calls the system maintenance script (/scripts/maintenance) every night.

8) cPanel

In cPanel section, the interfaces Modify cPanel WHM News, reset a Mailman Password, Synchronize FTP Passwords has removed which This feature will attempt to repair FTP password issues.


Modified interfaces

Servers that use a cPanel Solo license will display a limited version of the following interfaces.

1) Account Functions

In the Account Functions section, create a New Account interface will allow you to create new cPanel accounts. But please note that If you already own at least one account and you attempt to create an account, you will receive Account Creation Status failed message.

2) Server Configuration

In the Server Configuration section, Tweak Settings interface the following settings have concealed.

Display: Number of accounts per page to display in “List Accounts”.

Domains: Allow cPanel users to create subdomains across accounts.

Domains:  Allow WHM users to create subdomains across accounts.


If you need any further help, please do reach our support department.



7 Responses to “All About cPanel Solo License”

  1. Manoj says:

    I want to host multiple website and email with solo license with only one account, is this possible in cpanel solo license?

    • Michael Lavrik says:

      Yes, it is possible. You use a single cPanel login and add the websites/domain to it instead of creating multiple cPanel accounts.

  2. Sara Ali says:

    Can you please confirm if a Solo License included in the Auto-Scaling, I mean if the user remove all the accounts except one account before the next billing cycle and the license was Auto-Scaling, will he billed a as Solo License automatically, or he should ask for transfer from the Auto-Scaling to Solo License manually by the partner.

  3. Raju says:

    What is the maximum number of website I can add in solo cpanel account

    • Hi Raju,

      Greetings from InterServer support.

      You can host multiple addon domains under cPanel Solo license – Would you like to host upto 5 individual cPanel accounts with multiple addon/subdomains feature? Check our our cPanel license plans here:

      Please feel free to open a live chat support session from our website and we will be more than happy to assist you.

      Have a great day

  4. Michael Sharpe says:

    Is Boxtrapper included in cPanel solo?
    My hosting service cannot confirm this

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