Automated Email Archiving in Roundcube

Posted on February 25th, 2019


cPanel includes three standard Webmail applications which are Horde, Roundcube, and SquirrelMail. In Roundcube, a new feature ‘Automated email archiving’ has introduced by cPanel&WHM version 78. In this feature, the Roundcube Webmail users can archive their emails directly through the Archive button. The Archive button in webmail can find in the four locations within the interface. The Email Archiving is a feature which enables users to save incoming, outgoing, or mailing list messages for a particular amount of time.  In this documentation, we are going to discuss about the new feature Automated email archiving in Roundcube.


1) Log in to your Webmail account and choose Roundcube.

Mail archiving


2) Following are the four locations in the Roundcube interface where the archive option has configured.

a) The first location is on your inbox page. Where you can see the ‘Archive’ button on the top menu bar.

Email Archiving


b) The second location for the archive button will be shown in the Inbox’s ‘More’ menu button.

Mail archiving


From there you can select the email and choose the option ‘Move to’ and select ‘Archive’ option.

Mail archiving


Mail archiving


c) Email view’s menu is the third location. You can see the ‘Archive’ option from the top menu bar by opening one of your emails.

Mail archiving


d) The fourth location is the email view’s ‘More’ button. From there you can choose the option ‘Move to’ and select ‘Archive’ option.

Mail archiving


Mail archiving


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9 Responses to “Automated Email Archiving in Roundcube”

  1. Anya Peter says:

    To whom it may concern,
    how can I set automatic archiving of mails, especially older messages in the inbox.
    your urgent reply would be highly appreciated.
    Kind regards

  2. Dan Watterworth says:

    What if an Archive folder does not show up at all? Is there a setting missing or something?

  3. Stephen Johnson says:

    Is Roundcube Automated Archiving an app that runs on my computer? How much does it cost? Thank you.


  4. Joe W says:

    Not sure why this feature is called Automated Email Archiving. All of these methods are rather “manual”. It’s nice that there are buttons and all, but automated implies you set it (to once a week, once a month, etc.) and forget it. Because it’s automated, see?

    Also for other users, Roundcube has a setting under Preferences/Special Folders that let’s you select how the “Archive” folder is organized. Choices are None, Year, Month, Sender Email, and Original Folder.

    • Aldo says:

      Completely agree with @JoeW. This feature is not “automated” at all — but that function is exactly what is needed, and not available.

  5. mariam says:

    I have a customer along with his associates in their company emails going straight to Archives. i do not want this. How do i set it so they automatically go straight to inbox?

    • Bijin R Bhadran says:


      Greetings from InterServer Support.

      Normally default ssl will cover roundcube. Please try with “” to access roundcube.

      Wish you a great day ahead.

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