Backup Management in DirectAdmin

In this documentation, we can check how to manage backups in direct Admin.

Creating Backups

1) Login to Direct Admin panel.

2) Select the button ‘Create/Restore Backups’ from the section ‘Your Account’.


3) Here we can create backups for the following categories.

Website Data





4) Select the corresponding boxes and click ‘Create Backup’ button to create the backup.


5) We can see the list of current backups by clicking the option ‘Click here for a list of your current backups’.


6) From here you can download backups to your computer, move backups to a different directory, or delete backups you no longer need.


Restoring Backups

1) You can restore the backups from the section ‘Select a File to Restore’.


2) From the backup menu, choose the file which you want to restore and click ‘Select Restore Options’ button.


3) Select the items which you want to restore and click the button ‘Restore Selected Items’ to restore.


That is how we can manage backups in Direct Admin.


If you need any further help please reach our support department.