The 5 Best Booking Plugins for WordPress

By on August 1st, 2021

Every website owner and marketer’s priority is to generate leads. There are so many methods to generate quality leads. And having a high-quality website is also a great way to gather visitors and leads. But the visitors that come to your website will convert into quality leads is also not necessary.

So in this article, we will learn about some plugins that can help you generate quality leads. As well as plugin features will allow your visitors and users to book appointments for your service. So in this article, we will discuss some Booking and Appointment plugins briefly. We will also talk about the features provided by all of these plugins.

The appointment booking facility with a website will help you to generate new leads and grow your business. People can book appointments directly from their cell phones as per the time management. For example, going to a dentist often requires a reservation.

Also very helpful when you have booked an appointment for a personal training session at your home or local gym. We can use the appointment and booking features with almost every service. But it is possible because of the flexibility and availability of the internet. Today, every person who can understand how to use a cellphone knows how to use the internet.

In the past, people book their appointments with a call. Then they speak to someone from the service provider’s venue and book their appointments. The service provider or business owner also reserves their appointment, and they write down their information on a piece of paper. But now it has become easier because today everyone has a smartphone and the internet.

They can book their appointments with some clicks or taps. And there are so many new features added to the appointment booking plugins, we will talk about each plugin’s features and how we can use them. Every business person can increase the chances by providing site visitors with an easy way to book appointments to use their services. Local users can also connect with your sales team to learn more about the business or service.

So, in this article, we have added some of the best Booking and Appointment plugins available for a WordPress site. These plugins are readily available on the internet, and some specific plugins provide some particular features. You have to choose the best plugin as per your requirements. So, first of all, we will learn about the required features from a Booking plugin. It will help you clear the use of the booking plugin, and it also allows you to understand what you can expect from a plugin.

Required Features from a WordPress Booking plugin.

Most people initially think that a booking feature is a simple calendar with a form. But it depends on the type of business being run. Every company has their requirements for bookings and appointments. For example, a local gym has multiple personal trainers, and they provide the service for some specific period.

In this case, we have to mention the shifts and timing for the personal trainer to book their appointments according to the trainer. Just like that, a dental office needs to show specific times and reveal the different types of services offered. So, the first important thing is to look closely at each WordPress booking plugin’s features. Because as we discussed earlier, every business has different requirements, so it will help you decide the functionality of your needs and be good for your business growth.

So here, you can see the list of required features from an ideal Booking and appointment plugin. Let’s discuss each feature one by one briefly.

  • We need a plugin that can provide a good appointment system and a a customizable calendar that can be placed anywhere on the website. We also need an appointment system that also displays records of your service availability and staff availability.
  • The plugin must provide a mobile-friendly and responsive interface. So users can book appointments from any device like mobiles, tablets and desktops. 
  • The plugin must provide an ability for clients to self-book based on their availability.
  • Payments for the appointment option can be a good option too. You can use this feature as per your requirement because not every appointment requires payment.
  • The plugin must support integrations with some standard calendars tools like Google Calendar, Outlook and iCal.
  • The selected plugin also provides appointment notifications with the required information. It will also help users to be alert about their bookings. The notification system must work for both customers and service providers for better service.
  • The plugin also required lead generation tools to capture users and visitors information. So, we can create a database for further communications and grow our business.
  • It must have support for multiple “agents” or “service providers”. So, business staff can create their worker profile. It would be easy to work with this type of strategy because a hospital can have multiple doctors and different categories. A gym can have various trainers to help your visitors select their specific staff and service.
  • It also provides some areas on your website where users can change and edit their bookings if they need to.
  • The plugin must have support for multiple languages as well as multi-currency.
  • We also require some basic features like customization on schedules and holidays removal. We also need time management tools such as free time in between two appointments.
  • Customizable fields and dropdowns are obviously a plus point, and It will help you if you’ve got a variety of services. It will help your user to select the specific service.
  • The plugin must have support for adjustable time zones and time formats. Time clock management is mandatory because Users can use the website from any other time zone.

So here is the list of the selected Booking and Appointment plugins for WordPress. We’re going to talk about each plugin briefly.

  1. Bookly
  2. Amelia
  3. Booking Calendar
  4. Appointment Booking Calendar
  5. WP Simple Booking Calendar

1. Bookly

Bookly is one of the most used plugins for WordPress websites. This plugin is available with both free and premium versions. It is one of the most compressive appointment booking plugins for WordPress. Bookly provides some essential booking tools with a free version. It doesn’t have any payment method or an unlimited number of staff users support.

So, if you need to provide free booking options, this plugin is the best option for you. For the premium features, you have to buy the premium version with a one-time payment. It also helps you to add well-rounded booking features to your website. It has an intuitive interface that Users can use for many businesses like photography, finance, healthcare, education, beauty spa etc.

The Bookly has a fully responsive design, and it will look beautiful on all the devices like desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones. As we discuss, it has a powerful interface, so it will be very helpful to manage the plugin easily. Bookly is one of the most modern-looking plugins available on this list. It has a sleek design, and it also allows customisation on many areas of it.

We don’t need any programming knowledge to customise the plugin, and you can give your required design from the plugin’s backend. This plugin can be easily be integrated with other tools like Google Calendar or the whole WooCommerce system. It also allows you to receive payments using PayPal, and Stripe. So, let’s discuss all the features provided by this plugin briefly.

  • Bookly plugin comes with a complete booking package which can be the best plugin available on the market. If you don’t have much information about coding and other website creation tools, this plugin can give you the best and most attractive results.
  • As discussed earlier, this plugin provides fully responsive designs that will look beautiful on any screen size device.
  • It also allows users and visitors to send messages for booking confirmations. Bookly also provides notifications to remind the appointments. It also has an automated email notification system.
  • You can easily include numerous service providers or staff members in the booking schedule. In this way, your employees can charge different rates and show other times per their shifts or workloads.
  • Bookly also allows customisation, and you can easily customise the layout and booking form from the plugin’s settings pages. You can create a beautiful booking element and form which can match up with your website.
  • One of the best features available in this plugin is adding an unlimited number of services and multiple booking forms to your booking page. We can also categorise the services just for better organisation.
  • It also allows you to add payment and booking rules to make your schedules more flexible for everyone.

The Bookly plugin has more than 30,000 active installations and 3.3-star ratings. You can buy a premium plugin for $89, and you have to pay only once for the plugin. Then you can pay around $31 per year if you want to extend the support for 12 months. You can easily find this plugin on CodeCanyon.

2. Amelia

Amelia plugin is another plugin that Users can use to book appointments with a specific person from the business. This plugin has a simple but powerful interface that provides automated bookings. It will work for your business 24/7, you’ll get total support, and people can book appointments with online or offline payment. This plugin is an expert with some businesses like clinics, gyms, salons and other services to book an appointment with the staff.

The Amelia plugin can work free for you, and you don’t need more teams to deal with this task. The amelia plugin is an automated appointment booking service. It has an automated process, and you have to configure it properly as per your requirements.  

The Amelia plugin can reduce your total cost and potential errors. It has a potent working mechanism. It’s easy to install the plugin, and it’s even easier to configure it with a simple interface. It is a beginner-friendly plugin, and you can set up this plugin with three clicks. This plugin is also available as a free version but for small businesses.

For larger firms, we have to buy a premium version which is available at a low price. So, you can choose this plugin if you want all your employees, types of services, extra services with integrated paying methods in one place. The Amelia Pro is a perfect plugin if you like to use the free version. So, here you can read all the features of the Amelia plugin. Let’s discuss each feature in brief.

  • The Amelia Plugin automatically sends notifications to the customers and employees. It will help your customers and employees to remind the appointments, and this plugin sends a real-time SMS with specific details.
  • This plugin can configure specific days or dates range with different schedules. You can configure some days as special days or any other important days for your business.
  • Amelia plugin has support to integrate WooCommerce, and it is flexible to work with an E-store.
  • We can add Multiple Employees with specific hours or days, and it also allows days off for the staff.
  • This plugin has another great feature that allows Google Calendar Integration.
  • You can add multiple services and service categories. You can create specific categories about services or staff. It is also possible to add extra services.
  • The Amelia plugin also supports multiple business locations.
  • This plugin also provides some marketing strategies, and we can also add coupons that are easily manageable with this plugin. You can create and manage it within this plugin, and we don’t need any other plugin for it.
  • This plugin also provides a dashboard that shows business growth graphs and diagrams. So, it becomes easier to understand the numbers.
  • One of the best plugins with all these extra features and addons fully included with a single lifetime license.

The Amelia pro plugin is available in three different variants. The Basic plan allows you to use this plugin with one domain for a year. It costs you around $61 per year, which also provides premium support and monthly updates. This plan has a good deal for small businesses.

Then the second plan is the Pro plan which costs you $113 per year. This plan allows you to use this single license on three different domains.

The third plan is for developers because this plan can be used with unlimited domains but only for one year with $257. These all plans are also available with lifetime licenses.

3. Booking Calendar

Booking calendar plugin is one of the oldest and most popular plugins. You can read the reviews and ratings. Booking calendar plugin’s developers haven’t slowed down with quality development over the years.This booking calendar will help your visitor book reservations for a specific number of days and time slots.

We have a best example, we are just talking about that type of booking calendar that is regularly used in hotel and resort booking websites. The core plugin is available for free, it has enough features which can completely work with small businesses like motels and hotels. But you can upgrade to a premium plan for the advanced features. 

Now if we talk about the interface then, it’s easy to manage the appointments in the admin dashboard. Here in this plugin, admin has to accept or decline the appointments. The Booking calendar also allows you to manage all the appointments manually and automatically. You can set up new emails to send notifications about the appointments. It also provides appointment sortings and filters with different parameters. But there’s an important thing which is important about this plugin.

You should try the core free plugin first before you purchase the pro plugin. There’s no doubt about the plugin’s quality and features, but it’s about making sure that this plugin has enough features you need. So it also has many features, you can see the list of features. Let’s discuss each one by one briefly.

  • One of the most primary features of the Booking Calendar plugin is, it has an auto mail system. It can send notifications that remind your users and customers about their bookings. This plugin sends the notification with the emails and real time SMS.
  • The Booking calendar plugin integrates with too many websites and Calendar apps. You can integrate this plugin with Google calendar as well as third party websites like Airbnb, TripAdvisor and
  • The Booking calendar plugin works in widgets, it helps us to place the calendar to a sidebar. 
  • This plugin is multilingual, it can easily be used with websites which have international visitors and clients from different countries. 
  • The Booking Calendar plugin has some unique calendar showing techniques. It is too flexible, also shows days with different signs like booked, available etc. So, visitors can easily understand the appointment availability, it will display a monthly view calendar on your website.
  • Also has some customizations tools like, some colours can be customizable. Then you have to use your custom CSS code for more customizations.

As we discussed, the core plugin is freely available on WordPress library. Then in case you want a plugin, then it has different plans which are divided with different features for specific business sizes. You can buy a single site license for personal use at $48. Then the same plan for medium business will cost you around $149. You have to pay $389 just to allow multi users for this license. Then there are other plans for developers and multi website support.

4. Appointment Booking Calendar

The Appointment Booking Calendar plugin is one of the most unique and most feature-rich plugins. This plugin has two main features. First of all, this plugin comes with free Paypal integration. This plugin is available with both free and premium versions. Other than that, this plugin has some unique concepts, and you have to buy the premium version in case you want to remove the Paypal integration.

The premium version will also allow you to use some other features like coupon support and other essential features related to bookings. It also works perfectly with other calendar integrations apps like iCal, Outlook, and GCal. We can also send the Notifications and Confirmations to both users and admins. We can easily manage and configure the calendar by importing CSV or Excel files. This plugin has an easy to understand and user-friendly interface. It provides three pre-designed templates or calendars which are ready to use.

The main benefit you can have is, this plugin is available as a free version. And it provides many unique features. For example, this plugin is mainly used to show the available set of time slots instead of the entire calendar of choice. This plugin will provide us with a calendar that is still revealed on our website. One of the primary features is this calendar will only show the available days and cross off the days that aren’t available.

In short, the free version has many unique features compared to many of the competitions. This plugin will also provide you with other essential features like Built-in Captcha, Verification availability, and a multi-page calendar for people to scan the entire year. So let’s discuss all the features of this plugin. Here you can see the list of the provided features by this plugin.

  • The most primary feature of the Appointment Booking Calendar is this plugin comes with free Paypal integrations. So it will send your users and customers to Paypal checkout. 
  • The free version of this plugin will come with built-in captcha support.
  • One of the best features of this plugin is that it will provide your users with the actual availability of dates. Users will understand easily by showing the flexible calendar which dates and time is available for booking. So we can say it is flexible when it comes to offering customers actual availability.
  • This plugin will help you use it with dozens of countries because it is translated into many languages. This is a multilingual plugin that is ready to use.
  • This plugin provides a multi-page calendar. It will help you to display several months on one page to the user so that the user can see the availability easily.
  • The Appointment Booking Calendar also allows you to import CSV and Excel files, as we discussed. More than that, this plugin’s calendar can pull calendar imports from places like Outlook and Google Calendar.
  • Your users and visitors will be able to book several time slots in one sitting. As an example, a dentist’s office might want to offer the patients recurring appointments.

As per the discussion, the Appointment Booking Calendar plugin is available as a free version. The free version will come with Pay[al integration built-in. But there are other paid versions available. The pro version of this plugin will cost you around $59 with 60 days of technical support. It will come with unlimited calendar support, coupon code support, and it can work without Paypal integration.

Then you can also buy the developer version. This version will cost you $119 with 60 days of support.

5. WP Simple Booking Calendar

WP Simple Booking Calendar plugin is another appointment booking plugin. It perfectly matches up with its name, and it is a flexible and straightforward plugin for the WordPress website. You can create and add a fully responsive calendar in just a few minutes. It also provides a Gutenberg block editor, which will help you to display the calendar on pages or posts.

You can copy the shortcode and show it wherever you want on your website. It will work smoothly in any place, like the widget area or sidebar. This plugin is primarily used on rental bookings, and you can book several time slots. For example, the plugin can use it to book a hotel or a place for vacation. Just like upon plugin, this plugin also displays the availability of a room, office or a piece of equipment.

You can use it as per your need, it will work smoothly, and it provides a responsive layout so that the design will work smoothly on any screen size device. If we talk about the popularity of the plugin then, this plugin was updated two months ago and already had 10,000+ active installations. Also, this plugin has the highest star ratings, 4.9 out of 5.

WP Simple Booking Calendar plugin also has a simple user interface. It has a beginner and user-friendly interface, and a free version is available on the WordPress library. You can download the free version and try it once before you make a purchase pro version.

In addition, the admin dashboard is straightforward to understand. You can easily track the days and bookings in one place. We can even add descriptions about the bookings. The free version comes with many features, but the premium version has a bundle of features. So, let’s discuss the features provided by this plugin. You can see the list of provided features. Let’s examine each feature one by one briefly.

  • The best benefit of this plugin is this plugin has a user-friendly interface. You don’t have to provide any line of code.
  • This plugin also allows you to add a legend calendar that shows each booking and description.
  • It will provide fully responsive calendar layouts which are also mobile-friendly. It perfectly works with any screen size device.
  • WP Simple Booking Calendar comes with built-in multilingual support. It works with dozens of languages, which will help you get the profit from worldwide.
  • It also provides a backup facility to get a complete backup of the bookings.
  • The WP Simple Booking Calendar also allows users to add multiple booking calendars. You will get this feature with the pro version.
  • This plugin also provides a bulk editor with the pro version.
  • We can even sort the dates in CSV files in case you have the premium plugin.
  • With the help of the pro version, you can use the single plugin on multiple sites.

The WP Simple Booking Calendar plugin is available with both free and premium versions. The pro version is available with different plans depending on its functionality and use. The personal plan starts with $39 for one website, just like that the Business version costs you $69 per 5 websites. Then you can also choose the developer plan if you want to use this plugin for your clients. It will cost you $139 for unlimited sites.

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